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Undertale apk for android

Game description

Undertale is an Adventure game. The game is developed by Toby Fox. Now this game is available for android. The main character is a little girl who would make tough adult choices, You could assist the monsters or defeat monsters in the night. The player is able to choose the future story mode. The main character (little girl) accidentally gets to underworld. A world full of different monsters. Monsters were trapped after defeating war with the humans.

Player has to accept lots of brave challenges, disable many cunning traps. You can also make the decision to destroy monsters or survive them and give a second chance of living. One of the interesting feature of undertale is that you can change the gameplay story with each of your decision. It’s necessary to think before do and don’t make reckless decisions. You can talk to monsters and help them to solve their problems or you can also fight with monsters if you want to.

gameplay location is in the dungeon with narrow corridors, rooms, you have to get the useful items and to get a hidden exit. The game features many tips. You can observe the locations and find them.

Gameplay screenshots

Undertale apk for android (gameplay screenshot)
Undertale apk for android (gameplay screenshot)
Undertale apk for android (Gameplay screenshot)

Additional information of Undertale Apk

Download size: 124MB
Requires android: 4.1+
APK version:
Developed by: Toby Fox

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