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Description of BitLife Mod Apk – Unlocked premium

Have you ever regretted your mistakes in real life? Download BitLife Mod Apk the latest updated version for Android. bitlife is a game about life. If you like simulator games you will find it very interesting and enjoyable. Mod features Premium unlocked, God mode, money, time machine, and Unlocked bitizenship.

I bitlife game simulator you can make new choices about life. There are many choices we have to take every day. sometimes choice leads to success, sometimes not. Life has ups and downs. Everyone lives like this. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you get success. In bitlife game, you have to pay attention to your decisions, how it affects your future life.

You have for main metrics about your life, these are Happiness, health, smarts, looks. You need to watch them carefully and control them to keep stable conditions. Experience new things, think differently, Build your life, discover more about life. There are many things you can learn from bitlife game.

Try not to make mistakes to keep your metrics as high as possible but there is a minimal chance you do everything right. Like it is in real life. There are funny scenarios like you have an opportunity to have your first kiss with a boy named Travis. What do you do? and you should choose one question, first run away from him, the second kiss but definitely no tongue and last kiss him with tongue. Now it’s up to you what decision you make.

In real life, you can’t make choices when you are a baby, but bitlife lets you make decisions as a baby. you should study hard. One of the great things in-game is available now. Every one of us has dreamed to travel in the past, right? To change something, to do certain things in another way now. Bitlife comes with a time machine. So you can now travel in time and change whatever you want in your life. Now you can change your decisions, which affected you badly.

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bitlife mod apk
bitlife mod apk latest
bitlife mod apk download free god mode

Additional info

Download Size: 113 MB
Requires Android: or later
Version: Latest
Mod features: Premium unlocked, god mode
Price: Free

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