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Description of WhatsApp Aero Apk – Anti ban

Have you ever used WhatsApp? If you love WhatsApp then you will love WhatsApp Aero Apk. Whatsapp aero is a Mod version that comes with many additional features. Download WhatsApp Aero Apk Anti-ban latest updated version for Android. Download now for free. Read below all the great features that Aero WhatsApp offers for free.

I bet you have at least one online messaging app. I have five or six. We use them every day to stay connected with loved ones. Our family members and friends, colleagues, anyone is just one step away. Start a free online chat with anyone you know. Start video call instantly when they are online. The most popular apps are daily used by billions of people worldwide, these are Facebook messenger, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.

All these apps provide all the main functions that we need, but sometimes it feels we need to overcome the limitations they have. We can say all these apps have some limitations, we need something new and bigger, so WhatsApp aero is the best solution for everyone, you can enjoy additional features with WhatsApp Aero. Whatsapp Aero is fully customizable, you can customize it as you want.

The best features of WhatsApp Aero

Whatsapp aero is a mod version of WhatsApp, so it comes with additional features that you should not miss. Read these extra features. Extra features that only WhatsApp Aero provides. Everyone likes Aero WhatsApp Apk. This version is anti-ban. Comes with a dual clone & unclone. Backup available – You can backup all your data now. Backup automatically with a scheduled backup feature. Free messaging app – Whatsapp aero is another great application for Android that provides full instant app functionalities. The main purposes of the app are to send and receive messages instantly over the internet. To video call anyone instantly over the internet. In the addition, you can send files, stickers, emojis, voice messages, etc.

Customize home screen icon – Choose from many available icons and styles, change app icon appearance, Choose from multiple suggestions. You can set a password – Set your secret password to avoid data leaks. Millions of people love this feature. Everyone wants to feel safe. Now no one can watch your messages or shared files. If you forget your password don’t worry, you have a security question, so you can still access it. You can send/receive more files – Send and receive video files, images. The original version of the app only allows to send a limited number and size of files but WhatsApp aero gives you more freedom, here you can much more files, send much more sizes at once as well. Now you are able to send video files with a size of a hundred MB.

Download now latest WhatsApp Aero Apk

whatsapp aero apk latest download

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk now free For Android

Download Size: 67 MB
Requires Android: 5.0 or later
Version: 9.11 Latest
Mod features: Anti-ban
Price: Free

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