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About Zarchiver Mod Apk – Pro unlocked

Download Zarchiver Mod Apk the latest version for your Android. Download mod for free. Enjoy the pro version. Now it is easy to use ZIP files. Manage zip files in one place. Try an easy app to make your life easier. ZArchiver Mod Apk is an Android application that helps you compress, unzip, manage your files on Android. You are about to download this application here.

If you often have a touch with zipped files try downloading ZArchiver Mod now to manage files in seconds, without errors. Download for free. Is it easy to use? Yes, Zarchiver is completely intuitive and simple to use. Give permission to access your memory card. Once you allow it the app is able to access all your files on your Android. You won’t have problems with zip formats, because it supports almost every main format including XZ, zip, bzip2, 7z “7zip”, ios, rar5, gzip, rar, and more.

Choose the file(s) you need to extract and let the app do the rest. After a couple of seconds or minutes (needed time depends on file size), it retrieves your file info to the targeted folder. Privacy is guaranteed with this app – It provides a password feature. Yes, you are able to set passwords for files that are private. Mod comes with it, thanks to Zarchiver. the standard version doesn’t have a password support function.

Besides extracting app is also capable to compress some files for you. These are supported file types zst (zstd), 7z (7zip), gzip (gz), bzip2, lz4, zip, XZ, tar. Preview the files before you unzip them. We can say ZArchiver is the top compression and uncompression application available on Android. Even Android authority mentioned it in the top 5 apps. If your device is powerful enough, you can do the job faster. ZArchiver supports multireading. (This feature is used in multicore processors)

ZArchiver has more than 100 million official downloads for Android only. 100M downloads and counting. ZArchiver is also available on PC platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. How to extract? Well, it is simple, click on the archive name and select the option you want: Extract it here or another. If you have any questions or issues, if something isn’t working correctly, you can send the email to the creator. How to compress files? Choose those files you want to compress, mark all of them, click on the icon in the corner and choose compress, and press OK.

ZArchiver Mod Apk – Download latest

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Additional info

Download Size: 4 MB
Requires Android: 4.3 or later
Version: Latest
Mod features: Pro is available
Price: Free

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