Fruit ninja

Download fruit ninja for android free. Fruit ninja one of the most famous and favorite android game ever. More than hundred million downloads. Fruit ninja has paid version too, but this version is free. you can get it for free. In this game your finger is sword and that’s how you play the ninja part. There is no any actual weapon in the game but just sword swipe sound effects when you slice the fruits. There is lots of fruits. Apples kiwis bananas,mango, pineapple, melons, bounce up and you will have to cut them by swiping with your fingers. When you miss fruit, they fall down you will lose a life. only thing that sprays here is fruit juice. Bombs are tossed up in between the fruits if you swipe at bomb it explodes. earn achievements and unlock more backgrounds and more blades. You can compare your scores with other players via leader board. The difference between paid and free version is that free version does not have zen mode. zen mode do not include bombs.
Additional informationDownload size: 85MB Requires android: 4.1+ APK version: 2.8.6 Developed by: Halfbrick studioDownload game (85MB)