How to speed up android device?

Remove apps that you no longer use

Almost every Android device has many pre-installed apps that you may never use. Maybe you have installed a number of apps that you no
longer use. But they still are taking up the memory of your phone’s resources. You can simply delete them and free up some memory. It’s very easy
1. Go to settings
2. tap on apps
3. find useless apps and tap on them
4. tap uninstall and select ok to confirm

Clear cached data
Android apps are caching small pieces of data called cache, in order to speed up your phone’s performance. But when your android
is running low on storage, cached data hurt instead of help. You will free up some memory if you clear cached data, it’s so simple
1. go to phone’s settings
2. find storage and tap on it.
3. find cached data
4. select ok.

Optimize google chrome browser
Did you know that you can speed up your mobile browsing? Data saver mode in chrome for android lets google to compress pages that you are viewing meaning less data usage and faster browsing.
1. go to chrome browser
2. tap on the menu (upper right corner three dots)
3. tap on settings
4. tap data saver
5. turn on data saver

Keep android version up to dated
It’s really important to regularly update your android version, new updated user interface and bug fixes will come along, this help
to speed up your device. to be sure whether your phone needs to updated simply go to settings > about device > software update here you can see the android version your device is running on, or update to the latest version.

Disable background services
Background services are apps that run in the background continuously. Go to developer options in your settings menu. find background check. Here are apps that have permission to work in the background. Untick apps you don’t need. It helps your phone to perform better. It will also increase battery life.

use lite versions of applications
many apps such as Facebook Instagram etc. have their lite versions too. You can use them instead of full versions. Lite versions require
less phone’s resources such as ram, memory. Using lite versions is better for battery life too.

If you found these tips useful share on social media let’s help more people to speed up their phones.