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Liam asked 4 years ago

what is the general consensus of battery life? I’m tempted to upgrade google pixel 2 and have a 25% of plans until the 28th
Don’t want to go for something worse than i already have albeit 2 years old.

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Pro gamer OG answered 4 years ago

I have iPhone 7. while it’s plugged into the charger it clearly states that it is on charge, but the battery life has continued to decrease, but it says that it is charging. HELP. How to fix it? Do i need to replace baterry or charging cable?

Admin Staff replied 4 years ago

You have to replace your charging cable with the new one

user776737 answered 4 years ago

Exactly I don’t know but many times I was told to not charge phone on above 50% it’s better to charge below when 10-20% is left