How to root my android?

Questions and AnswersHow to root my android?
Erica Priyanka asked 4 years ago

what is the best way to root android? how to root any video or step by step instruction would be appreciated thanks.

Admin Staff replied 4 years ago

it depends. rooting android can be different for every device. You can search the method in google by your device model. You can root using PC or without PC. There are some apps that will help you. Most of the androids can be rooted with the King root app without computer.

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Anita answered 4 years ago

I wanna get some help rooting My Samsung Galaxy A71. If anyone can point me it the right direction I’d appreciate the help.

Thank you, In advance

Anita Payghan

Apkgameapps Staff answered 4 years ago

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Jim bennet answered 4 years ago

I am use s5 and i like it as it is. I am wondering if there is any adventage to rooting my phone. I love my provider (verizon) and i don’t think on changing.

Derek osadchev answered 4 years ago

Application has stopped. This keeps happening while using almost every apps such as google services, shazam, Microsoft teams. I have  Samsung galaxy j3. Can I fix it by rooting?

Admin Staff replied 4 years ago

You may update the software version. It helps in most cases. I had the same problem which have solved by updating software version

Marshall Almánzar answered 4 years ago

The rooting process may get complicated in some cases, so before starting make sure to charge your device completely also back up your files if something goes wrong you will revert your files and won’t lose any data.