What shooters are you playing on pc?

Questions and AnswersWhat shooters are you playing on pc?
Christopher burnett asked 4 years ago

Which is better shooter battlefield or call of duty?

Apkgameapps Staff replied 3 years ago

The game played it was like a movie. The graphics were realistic. The animations were so reallife. Medal of Honor, at that time, was the premiere PC realistic shooter, but when CoD came out, the game changed. I remember waiting in line on Black Friday at Best Buy for 1 and half hrs to get CoD on PC on sale. I remember it was in 2004

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Battleplay65 answered 4 years ago

Gadric halcon answered 4 years ago

I am stucked on fourth mission in battlefield 3. Keep crosshair over target

Admin Staff replied 3 years ago

I think it will be difficult to explain here. You can watch Gameplay videos on youtube That will show you how to play.

Aadesh answered 4 years ago

I play warface, Used to play CS GO

Matthew answered 4 years ago

Can’t sign in to my steam account. I forgot the password.  pleaseee someone help

Daniel Nathan Vaughan answered 4 years ago

For me, it’s difficult to say which one is better, Because I am a big fan of both call of duty and battlefield. I have played Call of duty ghosts, Black ops, Black ops 3, Modern Warfare 2 remastered, modern warface 3 and I completely love all of these single-player campaigns. Also, I have finished battlefield 2 bad company, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Currently playing battlefield 5 but online. I can’t say one is better than other. I’d say both But it must be told that battlefield 4 was the most impressive between these list. I had been playing the single player campaign at 1920X1080. Ultra graphics settings. The story environments, Guns feeling of reality everything was fantastic which makes me not give up and play again and again.

Harold answered 4 years ago

which screen size do you prefer to play on?
I play 6.5 inches screen on the tablet
32 inches on PC
60″ inches on PlayStation

I think the greatest game ever is Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation

6534568kh answered 4 years ago

Last time i completed crysis. And now playing assassins’ creed III. It’s my second attempt to finish assassins first time I tried remastered version and didn’t have great performance. Now on standard version i play full HD and love it.

Apkgameapps Staff answered 2 years ago

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