Xbox vs playstation?

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Makis sigalas asked 4 years ago

Hello. It’s my first time on this forum. I love it. What do you think which is the best gaming console Xbox or PlayStation and why? I have played both I prefer to play on PlayStation.

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Mark JR Lonergan answered 3 years ago

okay, bro Xbox vs PlayStation went too far but, let me say my opinion about it. there are many different brand and companies with their unique products, everything has their own customers and fans, some people love X box some prefer PlayStation, Since Xbox have been bought by Microsoft, Xbox gaming seems kinda same as PC gaming, So most of the gamers, including me, tend to love Playstation more. Because we all can play PC games but when we looking for something newer PlayStation exclusives still remain unique, Also Can’t skip about ps5 controller called DualSense wireless which you can also use on a PC. It makes you feel you are in a game, at certain conditions keys go harder to press, vibrates while changing walking surface, etc. Dualsense is one main reason you need to get ps5 plus if you want new PlayStation exclusives you should definitely get your ps5 now.
playstation 5 controller dualsense

NTMBDG answered 4 years ago

Mostly I’ve been playing on PC. Because I need it for not only gaming. I look at exclusives. Which console has more exclusives you are interested in. For me ps4 has better exclusives. Yes I really prefer ps4 over xbox. Xbox exclusives now come out on PC. 

Gamer5432 answered 4 years ago

I have a ps4 I have been thinking of either ps4 pro or an xbox one. I play Assassin’s creed only and I want to start playing of other games too. I have two alternative to play on PC monitor or to play on samsung 4k 32inches monitor. It makes significant difference. I am good with this setup. I love my playstation 4

Brian answered 4 years ago

Whatever games I want to play on the Xbox seem to be available on the PC. (except of the xbox 360 and 1st xbox games.) As from my experience, Ps4 has more exclusive games. I am playing ps for 7 years already. Also have played on ps3 for years, upgraded to PS4 I love PS4. (can’t wait to see New PS5)

Dominic answered 4 years ago

I like both, But I choose the Xbox one x because it comes with a UHD player

Alisson answered 4 years ago

10 PlayStation Vs. Xbox Memes That Are Too Funny For Words

Alisson answered 4 years ago

Xbox vs PlayStation memes

xbox vs playstation memes

Apkgameapps Staff answered 3 years ago

The simpsons hiding gif

Apkgameapps Staff answered 3 years ago

A little nitpick from me.
The cpu clock for the Xbox is when multithreading is turned off (for backwards compatibility mode). So when its using multithreading its actually clocked at 3.6 ghz, which is how it would run most of the time. PS5 runs with multithreading/smt on always, including for backwards compatability.

It’s all matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing the right console. The Xbox One seems to be more worth it because of it’s entertainment features alone and it’s backwards compatibility. Where the Xbox One may be a flop in the visual department it’s damn good pick for casual Gamers like…

You may prefer to buy pc for gaming and other needs too, but sook at those many specs, which vast majority of people doesn’t give a f*ck, It comes down to experience while playing, Fps, performance etc.

Apkgameapps Staff answered 3 years ago

Or I’d also suggest Nvidia shield, which provides all GeForce now games 
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