Ground Digger Mod Apk

ground digger mod apk

About Ground Digger Mod Apk – Unlimited money

Have you ever played ground digger before? Play now, to start playing download first. Try Ground Digger Apk Mod now for free. Mod features Unlimited money. Developed by Homa games for mobile devices. Download and play the latest mod version now. You may already guess what your mission is. You are a ground digger who digs the ground to discover different treasures. This sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Don’t stop, work to get higher. You have many tools and abilities to dig the ground and collect various treasure items. This is a casual genre game. This means Ground digger can be played by anyone, there is no specific hobby or interests, this game is made for everyone. Challenge yourself, see how much can you reach in this game. Play addictive and funny gameplay, spend hours playing it. Enter various challenging levels. Play to have fun.

Play different levels, complete them. Screw the earth from top to heart. You will find many interesting things on your way. There is cartoon-styled graphics available. Finish levels and unlock more of them. As we already mentioned, you have many tools to drill the ground, build a unique drilling machine and start your job. Drill down the ground and discover many gems, gold, robots skulls, infinity stones, and more.

Also, you can discover and collect keys. Hidden keys help you to unlock more zones and locations. Your bots army is ready to help you. Get more skins, colors, customize the look of your drilling vehicle. Without keys, you can’t access them. Access boosters to progress better. You can unlock dynamites, fuel, bots, and more. Upgrade your tools, parts for your tools. Make them more powerful to dig faster and better.

Don’t stop, try multiple places and locations. You can dig in lava, sand, ice, etc. biome. Play until you reach the heart of the planet. Explore what material you want. Ground, ice, biome, lava, and more. Discover and explore all the layers of the earth. The playing process is really simple and intuitive. There is no limit, you have unlimited money, gold, so you can purchase and upgrade what you want. Upgrade your tools, upgrade your bots army. Buy more resources like energy levels. You have unlimited fuel. Play offline, you don’t need an internet connection to play. Ground digger is a free offline game.

Download Ground Digger Apk Mod – Unlimited money, latest version

ground digger mod apk
ground digger apk mod download
ground digger apk download mod

Additional info

Download Size: 104 MB
Requires Android: 5.0 or later
Version: 1.24.0 Latest
Mod features: Unlimited money, Everything unlocked
Price: Free

Download Ground Digger Mod Apk