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Download lifeafter Mod Apk latest updated for your Android device. If you love zombie apocalypse games this game will fit great in your taste. There is a post-apocalypse situation, where the main characters are trying to survive, zombies are already here among us.

The main story of gameplay takes starts with an unknown virus that has spread in the world, and humans are being turned into infected zombies, the number of infected zombies is growing day by day. The virus takes the whole world and everything is destroyed now, there are only several survivors. You are among survivors. Now you better find a safe place to hide and survive. The game storyline is very interesting and challenging because you have to find some staff to build good enough shelter and make weapons to defense yourself from killer zombies.

Find food to stay alive. You have some metrics that you need to watch, keep them high enough to survive and be sure you are not going to die soon. Try to keep away yourself from zombies try to kill them as many as you can, If you aren’t killing them try to stay hidden in safe places. While you are hiding from zombies there are many activities to do, so you can not stay frozen in one place and do plenty of things with another player.

Now imagine that almost whole mankind is dead, now you are the last hope. When you start playing the game for the first time, you need some guidance and tips to know, to play game easily as advanced players. There are many people some of them already turned into zombies some are scared and afraid, you are in new reality chaos. Try to help others. You will see animals walking along there.

One of the mentionable game aspects is that graphics and physics are so realistic, You are experiencing living in a real post-apocalypse environment, which is scary to some extent. Hence game has great graphics it is heavy to run and only can be launched on high-end devices with a good amount of ram and processor.

You need to have 4.4 Android version or later, 3GB of RAM, and 1.5 GB free space on the device’s memory If you want to meet the game recommended requirements. If you want to launch gameplay smoothly, without freezes and lags. In the latest update, there are added new cities and locations, better moments, more scary zombies, and challenging scenarios. As you develop your character, your skills get increased. You have to fight more challenging fights.

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Download LifeAfter Apk Mod – Unlimited Everything

Download Size: 76 MB
Requires Android: 4.4 or later
Version: 1.0204 Latest
Mod features: Unlimited resources/ unlocked everything
Price: Free

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