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About OGWhatsApp Apk – Download Latest (Official)

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app offered by Facebook. Billions of people use it every day, for communicating. Now I think you already used it, if you didn’t you must be living under the rock. Whatsapp has tens of different modded versions. Mod version means it is modified of original Whatsapp application. Mod adds some more features, which you may find useful. Download OGWhatsapp Apk latest update for your Android.

Now you hide your online status if you want to. Popular application WhatsApp is used by millions but it has a lack of features. Yes, the WhatsApp chatting application is great, but some features are restricted. So that’s why we have OGwhatsapp here, to unlock all the functionalities you would like to use. We love OG Whatsapp because it provides a reliable and secure experience. Now you have the ability to delete messages that you sent to your friends.

Features of OGWhatsapp Apk

Read the most important added functionalities and key features. You can create a group with names up to 40 letters. Use group chat of WhatsApp. But when it comes to WhatsApp group name you may love to use a longer name. Official WhatsApp offers only 25 characters’ names. Now you set group names with more than 35 characters. Block any contact if you want – Now you can block any of your contacts if they disturb you. You don’t have to block contact you just block their calls or messages.

Send multiple photo files at once – When it comes to sending media files through the WhatsApp application you have some limitations. You are able to send only up to 30 photos with a total size of 16 MB. But what happens if I want to send more media files at once? Congrats, OG Whatsapp lets you send So now you are free to send up to 90 images in total. Send 3 times more images now. This is very helpful for OG Whatsapp users.

Anti-ban is available – Anti-ban feature is very helpful when you use the modded version. The thing is that you can be banned by the standard version of WhatsApp. You will not have to worry about banning when you use this mod version of OG WhatsApp. Now, this is solved for you. Now you can use this app with a guarantee. You aren’t going to be banned, thanks to og WhatsApp.

OGWhatsapp is also known as OGWA has tons of functionalities added compared to its original version. Now use all the basic and more advanced features of Whatsapp on OG Whatsapp application. Download the latest version of the Mod OG Whatsapp app on Android, You need at least Android version 5.0 or later. In the addition, you are able to copy anyone’s status. Schedule your messages, use WhatsApp locker, and more in the OG WhatsApp.

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og whatsapp apk download

Additional info

Download Size: 50 MB
Requires Android: 5.0 or later
Version: 2.19.17 Latest
Mod features: Mod OG Whatsapp
Price: Free

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