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Description of Torque Pro Apk Unlocked

Torque Pro Apk is really useful for those, who ever have used it. Download Torque Pro Apk for your Android. Download the latest Updated version. Torque pro apk is a third-party Android application that alerts you to every aspect of your car performance. It is very useful for many people as they get real information about how their car performs.

Now you can know what your car is doing in real-time. Check performance, scan with using OBD, diagnostic. Manage and customize your own unique dashboard with the widgets. Provide tracker logs with OBD, now you can see what you were doing, using GPS. The torque app helps to fix your car. Torque apk is a scan tool it can show you and reset DTC / CEL /

Get your car performance, fully analyzed in the torque app on your Andriod display. Change the theme and look if you don’t like one. Torque pro apk is a real flexible application. The main feature of torque remains fault code, you can use it as a scanner tool to detect and verify all of your car issues. Don’t miss issues fix them as they are detected, it saves your time and money as well.

You may want to know what OBD is and what does it stand for. Well, it is easy, OBD is an abbreviation and stands for on-board diagnostics. OBS is a default code system designed for cars especially. It is used well to categorize issues about cars. When you know what issues you face it is much easier and faster to solve them.

If you are using an Apple device, you can find some similar alternatives. There you can get also a lite version of torque apk. But Torque pro apk is more powerful than that. So why would you use the lite version, when you can get a pro version with all its premium features. Don’t think too much download Torque Pro apk now.

Torque Pro Apk free download

Download Size: 15 MB
Requires Android: 4.1 or later
Version: 1.10.120 Latest
Mod features: Premium unlocked, all features
Price: Free

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