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Smash hit involves a moving view through a decorative, colorful passageway. You have Silver heavy metal balls (You begin with 25 balls) that you can tap the screen to aim and shoot. You must be careful, you must not to run out of these balls if they do game is over. There are many obstacles, some of them are in motion some are static.

If an obstacle is hit you lose 10 balls. These obstacles are made of semi-transparent colored glass. You can smash these obstacles (name smash hit) but some do not require the hitting of buttons to be moved out of the way. There is power-up, which gives the player an infinite amount of balls for a certain time, turning all their balls explosive for a short time, or slowing time down for a short time. There are also crystals scattered throughout the map.

By hitting a square pyramid with a ball, you receive three balls. by hitting an octahedron you get five balls and by hitting a 3D star you got balls. If you hit ten of these crystals in a row without missing any, they upgrade their multi-ball status. You need to hit forty in a row to get maximum multi-ball from single-ball default.

The maximum number of balls you can shoot with a single tap is five. If you hit an obstacle or miss any of the crystals, you lose all your multi ball status and you must regain again. Overtime levels are getting more and more challenging. If you complete all of them checkpoints You go through an “endless mode” There your goal is to survive as long as possible repeating the same over and over. In the endless mode, the game still counts, except it is the same course over and over rather than different courses.

Some of the highest scores in the world are in the ballpark of 20,000: a dozen players have scored more than 30.000 the average experienced player will average 14,000-16,000 and the occasional player will average 4,000-8,000. A first time player can sometimes break 1,000. There is also released the official version of the game for Samsung gear VR Game name: Smash hit VR. Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage

smash hit apk screenshot
smash hit apk screenshot
smash hit apk screenshot

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  1. this game is great. It allows to smash crystals getting rid of stress. Background music is amazing too. The environment is filled with stuff like metal or crystal shards or glass. By the time the difficulty gets harder and higher after every door. If you run out of balls you lost. Every level has it’s own colors and style. This is one of the most relaxing and satisfying games I ever played.
    I love this game

  2. Wow i just downloaded this game and i can tell you this is my favorite one.

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