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Descprition of Among us apk mod

Have you ever played Among Us, a Multiplayer challenging game? If you haven’t What are you waiting for? A group of players is in spacecraft flying through space. One of them is an impostor and others regular crewmates. If you are an impostor you need to kill others but after a dead body is reported by another player there is a chat where each of the players should talk and guess who is an impostor and who killed their crewmate. crewmates’ mission is to identify the real impostor throw him out of the spacecraft. Then crewmates win, but if the impostor killed everyone and crewmates couldn’t identify him, but throw out crewmates then the impostor is the winner.

while the impostor is walking and trying to catch one of the crewmates alone to kill, meanwhile crewmates are doing some space tasks, There are several kinds of tasks, short tasks, long tasks, visual tasks. mod version of Among us contains Mod menu, everything unlocked. Try playing among us mod and see if you are ready for this challenge.

Graphics of among us is 2.5 D. You can customize your character, change color clothes hats or even have your own pet. Among us is available on many devices and operating systems including Windows PC, IOS iPhone, and android. The game reached its popularity peak quite later since it was first released, now it has more than one hundred million downloads all over the world. Among us, mod apk is free to download and play but it comes with in-app purchases.

among us is an online multiplayer game which you can play with your friends or strangers. It’s easy to create and join the game, just go to the main menu and tap on host a game. Then you are offered to pick the map you want to play in, and you are able to change game settings. Now you get code, anyone will become your room player if they input this code. or you can insert code and join others, in the menu you got several choices. These are host game, Find game, enter code, join the game.

In this mod version of among us, you can use all these premium features without paying anything, for free. Unlimited money, any skins are unlocked just choose which you want to wear. every map is unlocked, all hats are available, all pets are available, there are no ad interruptions. The installation process is easy, Download apk file and install, after installation is finished you can launch game join rooms and start playing. start finding and exposing impostors or hide and kill others to win as impostors. I guess everyone will agree you always want to be an impostor, it’s much funnier when you play as an impostor. But remember don’t leave if you are a crewmate, game version is ani-ban but do not leave the match.

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Additional Info

Download Size: 91 MB
Requires Android: 4.4 or later
Apk Version: 2021.11.9.5 latest
Mod features: everything unlocked, mod menu
Price: Free

The game is cross-platform which means you can play from PC while your friends are playing from smartphones or vice versa

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