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Description of Fallout Shelter Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

The popular simulation game Fallout shelter has more than 10 million official downloads worldwide. Download Fallout Shelter Mod Apk latest version for Android. You can download mod now for free. Mod features Unlimited money, Unlimited lunch boxes.

The gameplay is about a post-apocalypse scenario, now you are helping others to continue life. When you start playing it you are in the underground vault. Now your duty is to help people manage their lives effectively. You are trying to get more shelters for more people. Help as many people as you can. More vaults (shelters) mean more surviving people. Build a shelter to hide and protect yourself and your friends from enemies.

You need to have all the needed items and infrastructure set up in your shelter. You need to help people feel better. You need to make them stay inside and feel protected. Build a great shelter inside of rocks and mountains. Make tunnels and rooms to help others. People love playing fallout shelter because it is about helping others. People love it because it is about kindness. Playing is difficult in the standard version, but don’t worry here you can get Unlimited money, unlimited lunch boxes, and more.

Get fallout shelter Mod Apk, unlimited now. This is a hard time, post-war period. You have to protect your shelter, you have to protect people in your shelter. Send your friends out, ask them to explore what is going on. A fallout shelter is a survival game. Try now if you love playing survival games. After people see your shelter, they keep coming. Your mission is to set up a decent defence for your survivors.

Set up and control vital infrastructure inside your vault. You need to constantly keep eye on things like: Dinning room – To stay healthy and alive, everyone needs to feed regularly. Set up and maintain a room where all the dwellers will be able to eat food. You need to have food, you need it always. Please pay enough attention to meals to keep everyone alive and healthy, including you. Power generator – it is a vital resource when you live in a temporary shelter. Without it, you and your vault dwellers can’t survive. When you live in a vault, you need electricity thousands of times a day. So please keep eye on your power generator to keep it always working. Water – Without water, human only lives up to 4 days. Besides food your people need water. Please maintain a water supply to stay hydrated and healthy.

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Fallout Shelter Mod Apk, Download, Unlimited

Download Size: 269 MB
Requires Android: 4.4 or later
Version: 11.3.0 Latest
Mod features: Unlock
Price: Free

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