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About Plague Inc Apk Mod – Unlimited DNA

Download Plague inc Mod Apk, the latest version for your Android. Download mod now for free. Mod features Unlimited DNA. In the plague inc game, you are an evil man who is ready to spread a virus in the entire world. Can you infect the world? How long does it take you to spread? You need at least Android version of 4.1 or later to download the game. Plague inc is well played and trending between doctors. This gameplay is very addictive, you maybe spend hours and days playing it. There you can get the second part of this game named Plague inc: The cure.

the virus is a challenge. The population should be ready to handle it. Every pandemic has millions of victims, but the world is gonna handle anything. Now we are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus. In the real world, everyone should fight against pandemics, but in this game, your mission is to infect the world with plague. Infect as fast as possible, as many as possible. You have a pathogen that already infected “Patient Zero”. Since the game is a simulation it contains realistic elements, so you can learn more about how viruses spread all over the world.

Plague Inc Mod

You have access to 12 different diseases – The game contains twelve different diseases, each of them is unique. You need to learn how they work. You need some knowledge to come up with a tactic that works. Realistic environment – Plague inc comes with a real world map. If you want to play this game effectively then you need to have some minimal knowledge of medicine. Wait… Wait, I am just kidding, you get powerful tutorials on how to play the game and what to do. Your achievements, your results are displayed on the big scoreboards.

Many countries – In plague Inc Mod you have access to more than 50 countries to infect. There are countless posibilities to spread the pandemic. Even more, countries are added on updates. Upgrade virus – You can upgrade this virus, or most precisely said you can mutate this virus. After mutation, it is capable to increase resistance to temperature. Mutation helps you to spread it easily and faster. You should be ready to accept this challenge. Infecting a population is not easy.

First, you select which country you want to infect the first time. This means the pandemic will start from there. Plague Inc is very popular on the platform, it counts over 100 million official downloads on Android only. The game is recently more popular, it is caused by a real pandemic, which we are fighting for now. Don’t wait anymore, download this game now if you are interested in it. Go to the direct download link and get your game in a couple of seconds.

Plague Inc Apk Mod – Download Unlimited DNA

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Additional info

Download Size: 76 MB
Requires Android: 4.3 or later
Version: 1.18.6 Latest
Mod features: Unlimited DNA
Price: Free

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