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Description of Getting Over It Mod Apk

Download Getting Over It Mod Apk, the latest version for your Android. Getting over it is very hard to complete, but it is still very popular among gamers, First time game was launched in 2017, and now it is played by thousands of players every day. There is so long way to walk, physics rules are torturing you. About graphics, We can only tell that getting over it has amazing graphics and colors, realistic shadows, shapes, and physics makes this game satisfying and aesthetically beautiful.

Now you have to try your best to climb the mountains and many obstacles in a weird and funny position. Check your strength, check how far you can go. Remember! This game is not easy. In this game, you are a man stuck in a black big and heavy pot, and you got a big hammer in your hands. The hammer is the only tool that helps to climb rocky mountains and many other difficult obstacles.

You have to get used to controls and mechanics and learn how to move horizontally, then you bump rocks and mountains are rising in front of you, you can jump, slide. Sometimes you have climbed half of a mountain and boom if you make one little mistake you have to run from the start. That is the biggest challenge in the game to walk without mistakes.

Challenging gameplay process- If you ask me there is no other game like getting over it. You may tell about racing games and hundreds of games come to my mind, or same for adventure games, but getting over it is the one and only, there is no similar. Getting over it is unique. It has very challenging and interesting gameplay which excites every player.

Everyone is addicted to it until they complete the game. And before you finish you have a long way of fun and excitement. the biggest challenge in the game is that if you fail, you don’t have any checkpoints so you have to start from the beginning. So now you really spend hours playing it carefully. Getting over it has one main rule, you should never give up in your life.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Apk Mod – Gravity big hammer

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Getting over it mod apk

Download Size: 51 MB
Requires Android: 4.0 or later
Version: 9.11 Latest
Mod features: Latest mod
Price: Free

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