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Description of your boyfriend game apk

Download Your boyfriend game apk for android now. The latest update version. Play an interactive novel with many different scenarios. are you already interested in this game? Your boyfriend game is a dating simulator game that will travel you through a story where you and a strange boy love each other.

The game has many nice features, that’s why you should try to start playing. Your boyfriend game is a visual novel, it means it is interactive where you have a relationship with your virtual boyfriend. You talk to him, make various decisions. You make decisions like in real life, so be careful what will you choose and what may happen depending on that. in this game, you are a writer you write the script on how things go. That is cool.

If you are looking to get a game like this here is apk install file you can simply download and install to start playing now. This game is different from any other. A simulator game means you live in virtual reality. If you like this simulation genre games, you will like your boyfriend game apk.

The game is about psychology and feelings. Experience romantic scenarios, you, have never had in real life, or expand your fantasy to travel in a new dizzy world. Play this game that will lead you to have some fun after a tiring workday, or play on even holidays. With this game, you can see how your patience works. Here you got an obsessive boyfriend. Maybe he is not you would happily date but this romantic relationship will be interesting. Here you make choices that will cause changes in your life. Gameplay story is very nice and interesting.

Don’t forget Here maybe you get different endings. So this means others act is influenced by you, they will treat you the way you deserved. You will need to have at least 5.0 version of Android to install and run the game. The game is free to download so download apk file now install and start playing. Apk install file is only 50 MB. So you don’t need big space or high requirements to run the game.

Your Boyfriend Game Apk latest version

your boyfriend game latest download free
your boyfriend game apk

Additional info

Download Size: 30 MB
Requires Android: 5.0 or later
Version: 1.0 Latest
Mod features: Without mod
Price: Free

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