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About Giant Rush Apk Mod – Unlimited gems

Download Giant Rush Mod Apk latest version for your Android. Download mod for free now. Mod features unlimited gems. Giant rush is an action game where you run between obstacles and fight against your enemy. The game is developed by tapnation for mobile platforms. Here we cover every main topic about Giant Rush game.

Run to become bigger – You are a colored player. Your character has one color, you should run through the level to become bigger. But only running doesn’t make you bigger, you also should collect little individuals but with the same color as you. Let’s say you are green, then you have to pick green people to become bigger. Try to avoid different colored individuals cause they can make you smaller, your mission is to grow as much as you can.

Unfortunately, there are obstacles, this means when you smash into the obstacle you are giving away some of your sizes, so you get smaller. You will love rainbow level-up because it lets you pick any color you want. What about fights? As we already said this game has many combat scenes too yes, it is time to talk about that. After you reach the end of the level, you have to fight against your competitor. Try to collect more gems – Don’t miss the gems, collect them. You can go to the store and buy something for your character to customize your look. You can spend those in many ways. This game is for everyone who loves funny fights.

Now your strength(advantage) is your size, that’s why you were collecting those little people. This is called giants combat. If you want to win and become champion you should have more in size. Let them see who is the king. Combat is easy and doesn’t require many skills, just tap on your screen in any area and damage your opponent. You see your health bar and your opponent’s as well. Keep tapping on your screen without stopping.

Mod has unlimited gems, so you don’t have to work hard collecting them – Now you can play with an unlimited amount of gems, yes, the mod makes it available to use gems as you want. Here you access different shapes and forms of hats, try caps, crowns, acubra, and more. Run, collect people, become bigger, grow as much as possible, meet your opponent in the brutal epic fight and defeat him. Go to the next level where everything starts from the beginning. Go ahead and download Giant Rush Apk Mod now.

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Additional info

Download Size: 84 MB
Requires Android: 5.0 or later
Version: 1.5.1 Latest
Mod features: Unlimited gems
Price: Free

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