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Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game. The game has no specific goal to accomplish, As a player, you are totally free. You can choose how you want to play. You make your own Rules. The playing process is in the first-person perspective but if you want you can turn on a third-party perspective. The environment is made by rough 3D objects cubes and fluids also known as blocks, There are various materials for example stones, trees, water, sand, lava.

You have to pick up and place these objects build whatever you want. You can freely move around the world. You can mine blocks and move them anywhere. build things. The game world is virtually infinite. there are limits on vertical movement but you can infinitely large game world to be generated in horizontal directions.

The in-game time system follows the day and night circle. the full day-night cycle has real-time twenty minutes. starting a new world you must choose one of the five-game modes. as the more difficult game, you choose as more damage from mobs you take. Peaceful difficulty prevents mobs from spawning. Once selected difficulty can be changed. Game mode can be changed only with cheats. Game modes survival mode hardcore mode creative mode adventure mode spectator mode

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