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What is VPN

VPN is abbreviation that stands for Virtual Private Network and allows you to have a secure connection to another network over the internet. For android users, VPN (Virtual Private Network) function is very important and useful. There are many reasons why it’s better to use VPN. It protects you from hackers, encrypts your data, with VPN you are able to bypass geo-restrictions, internet censorship. It does so by routing your internet traffic through a remote server. You can stay safe and anonymous in internet without any footprints. You can hide your IP adress.

There are many companies that provide VPN services, some of them are paid others free. Express VPN is one of the best and the best part it’s completely free to download and use.

Now you can bypass censorship and geo-restricted websites, even if any other content has been blocked by your country for any reason. log on from almost any country on the earth and browse the internet without any limitations. Get access on any content without a government censorship pop up. Express VPN is one of the best.

This application works on WI-FI, LTE/4G,3G or any service that provides mobile data. You can keep calm, with express VPN you are completly safe. You won’t be caught.

How VPN works

How VPN works


Express VPN

Best all-around Android VPN – and for pretty much everything else
#1 Trusted VPN – Secure Private Fast

  • secure your internet with one tap
  • Connect to over 3,000 VPN servers in 160+ locations
  • Add shortcuts to securely access your favorite apps and sites
  • Version 8.3.2 (latest)
  • Requires 5.0+ android version

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  1. I use Express VPN and nord VPN for safe internet browsing

  2. i’d say express vpn is the best vpn out there. affordable easy and usable. Thanks for such good app. technically app works well. Functions are great and i love it because it’s very easy to use and comfortable.

  3. this service is excellent, connections are fast and reliable. App is very easy to use. as long as i have an accessible wireless signal with internet access,this application works well. incredibly quick to set up. works great. aftervusing this vpn for over 3 years I can honestly recommend it.

  4. had express vpn for 7 months now. My internet speed is faster and there is no any problem. ISP restrictions and the customer support. Wonderful could not be better, safe and secure. works perfectly on 4g/lte or over Wi-Fi. I use 150mbps download on my wireless connection.

  5. Love this app. it’s fast for streaming. the best service for speed and privacy.

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