Requires android: 4.4+

Version: 1.19


You are little boy in this game. like other 2D platform games you can run left and right jump climb the objects. Limbo’s gameplay is presented through dark black and white graphics and with minimal sounds. The dark graphics serve numerous scary surprises. lethal monsters hiding in the shadows.

The game also features mechanical puzzles and traps using machinery, You can restart at the last encountered checkpoint. some traps can be avoided and used later in game. Player will encounter a number of deaths before they overcome and solve puzzles and complete the game. The developers call limbo “Trial and death game”

Download game now (25MB)

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  1. Hannah Camero-0mlsen October 29, 2020 @ 1:54 pm

    Great. I have competed this game on pc 3 times. And now playing on android. Most of the times I get bored of a game after a couple of days but limbo kept me hooked. Grapichs are mistical and dark, Blcak and white.Gameplay is excellent. Amazing story, You will have to solve some puzzles fight against monster spiders, enemies, Swim through waters. Now I started from zero and trying to finish with no deaths it sounds crazy but I must try. The game is great 5 stars.

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