Terraria apk

Terraria apk

Description of Terraria

Terraria is a 2d platformer game. Developed by 505 Games Srl. The game is available on many platforms Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, IOS, and android. You can download it for free on android now. Released on May 16, 2011. 2D sandbox game you can explore an endless randomly generated environment.

The game has amazing colors and fun gameplay with pixel elements. Terraria is land for adventures! A land for mystery! A land that is yours to shape, defend enjoy. You are limitless in this game. Are you an action gamer? A master builder? A collector? An explorer? There is something for every kind of gamer.

Start building basic shelter. Then dig for other recources. Discover more than 500 weapons, armor and use them to fight hundreds of enemies. Destroy your enemies. Game is one of the most comprehensive windows game now available for android platform. Terraria is really source of infinite fun for owners of android smarphones or tablets

Gameplay screenshots of Terraria

Terraria apk free download
Terraria apk download free
Terraria apk download free

Additional information of Terraria apk

Download size: 103MB
Requires android: 4.3+
APK version:
Developed by: 505 Games Srl.

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Download Terraria apk (103MB)

Readers Comments (5)

  1. Laurence Brandon October 7, 2020 @ 7:18 pm

    I always loved adventure genre in movies in games. Adventure is most genre of games i play. Terraria is one of the first. I have started to play it since 2012. I loved also PC version, Colorful gameplay and pixel elements are main reason but it must be told that terraria has amazing gameplay and story. I completed all events except the barkeeper who never spawns at all, I’d traverse the entire large world map, and still wasn’t done.

  2. i like it, You can play offline, like if you are going to travel, or online if you are at home. You can choose difficulty level of playing an customize main character. in the game you will always find new things to explore. this mod free version is amazing thanks.

  3. Pew die pie loves it too. I watched gameplay on his channel hahaa

  4. Wonderful game. This colorful gameplay and pixel grapichs told me to love this game. There is so many things to explore. I destroyed all the bosses and got everything in the game but they keep adding and adding new staff which i like. I think I will never complete this game because there is many things to do. For me this game is better than games like minecraft, pokemon go or even fortnite. Terraria is very addictive game. Once you try for 2 minutes You can’t put it down.

  5. this game can bring amazing feelings. I am big fan of terraria. I have finally worked out how to defeat the moon lord. It won’t ever get old I’ve played it since first came out. The controls are smooth. I suggest you should play with wireless controller for this amazing game.

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